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Volunteer Programs

Description: New Age Africa Trust offers short term and long-term voluntary projects in Tanzania. New Age Africa Trust can accept volunteers from all over the world. The voluntary work projects are teaching, health care, agriculture, web page design, computer training, tourism, environmental projects and other social works.

Sector: Agriculture, child welfare, community development, culture, education, environment, health, skills training, small-enterprise development, women’s issues, various.

Country: Tanzania (East Africa).

Qualification: This program gives both young and old scholars the opportunity to serve in their various study areas. We have placement in your field and choice and you can polish up your life and future by accepting placement in any of the fields that are strategically planned to suit you.

Non-profit: Charity Registration (CHY. 20297)

Age: Minimum 17.

Duration: The placement period varies from 1 month to 12 months.   

Language: English.

1. They will get the chance of learning both local and
foreign culture to understand the difference between
various cultural lives.

2. It affords them the opportunity to make new friends
and re-unite with old ones.

3. It prepares them to face the challenges of life
and makes you a responsible person in a society.

4. The opportunity to travel throughout Tanzania and
exchange Tanzanians cultural.

5. One gets the happiness of helping the socially
under privileged in solving their numerous social

6. They will get the opportunity to learn something
very new in their life by sharing experiences with
fellow volunteers from all over the world and the
beneficiary community.
Application: The application form can be sign-up online (http://www.newageafricatrust.com/).

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