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    Boys and girls will be able to reach their full potential through education.
    Families would benefit from project intervention with increased awareness and control of their own lives, with improved social status in the community and increase respect within their    respective communities.
    N.A.A.T. becomes a key player in the development and review of access to education in Tanzania to all children without criteria or restrictions regardless of their socio-economic status.
    Boys, girls and younger children dependent of targeted catchment area would live improved quality of life, social and economically with increased access to education.
    Increased participation of the local community through intervention by contributing their ideas, planting of tree to save the environment.
    Protecting future generations from illiteracy and gaps in income.
    Social status in the community and increase respect within their respective communities.
    Empowering families by proposing ways to generate funds to educate their children.

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